Health & Beauty Series: Benefits of Aloe Saponaria

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Differences between Aloe Vera and Aloe Saponaria 

A typical Aloe Vera contains higher concentration of aloin, the yellow sap that separates the outer rind from the inner gel-like portion of the leaf. This chemical can be harmful when ingested in large amounts.



Benefits of Aloe Saponaria

1) Stronger Immunity

Not only is the Aloe Saponaria less harmful than the Aloe Vera, it also contains higher amount of saponin, the main ingredient of ginseng. This makes the Saponaria superior and a more effective booster for our immunity.

2) Increased bowel movement

Aloe Saponaria's components, ‘Aloe emodin’ and ‘Aloin’, are capable of improving the functioning of weakened small and large intestines. This can reduce stomach problems and prevent constipation.

3) Beautiful skin

‘Aloin’, when taken in the right amount, is also effective in enhancing skin tissues and providing beauty benefits. It is used in many health food and beverages, as well as beauty products. 

Why choose KDYALOE's Organic Aloe Saponaria Juice? 

Kweon Do Yeong’s Aloe uses no agricultural pesticides or chemicals. Their Aloe Saponaria plants are grown organically and are certified as organic products by the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and U.S. Department of Agriculture Organic USDA. 
Organic Aloe saponaria Juice (by KwonDoYoung ALOE Corp.)
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