Explore South Korea Gangnam Style

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Gangnam in South Korea

While dancing to Gangnam Style in Gangnam may sound like the best idea ever, there’s more to Gangnam than the catchy tune that dominated music charts in 2012.

At Gangnam, you will find malls, departmental stores and endless shopping districts spotting the newest fashion and beauty trends. A day walking around Gangnam will guarantee massive hauls for yourself and souvenirs for pretty much everyone in your life. As one of the richest districts in South Korea, it is not surprising to find designer stores peppered along shopping areas serving up the latest designer goods to wealthy customers.

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Gangnam is also where some of the largest Korean entertainment companies are located including famous labels such as SM, JYP and CUBE. If you are an avid K-pop fan or simply want to catch a glimpse of the South Korean entertainment industry, visiting these companies is a must-do activity in Gangnam. Fans and reporters are known to camp outside companies in hope to spot their idols and get their hands on the latest scoop. If you too dream of meeting your idols, why not try swinging by these companies, you never know what your luck might bring!

Image source: https://www.befreetour.com/img/produk/kpop-agency-and-idol-restaurant-tour/kpop-agency-and-idol-restaurant-tour_a06a390f14eb3fadf8c82e187956d1289d2bcb67.jpg

Korean beauty and skincare from Gangnam

Gangnam is also known for their plastic surgery clinics and they even have a plastic surgery street lined with clinics for interested customers to patronise. While plastic surgery is a way to achieve one’s desired appearance, a non-invasive solution will be to use skin care products consistently to achieve gradual yet visible results.

Derma Science is a Korean skincare brand established in Gangnam, delivering quality anti-aging skincare since 2011 with 30 years of prior research and experience. Derma Science carries a full range of skincare products to take you through your skincare routine from start to finish.

The Derma Science Milky Collagen Cleanser gently exfoliates the skin and removes makeup, simultaneously providing the skin with an abundance of moisture for a youthful glow. It has an excellent soothing effect with long-lasting hydration, helping to enhance skin firmness over time. Use this cleanser daily to create a smooth canvas for subsequent application of skincare products.

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The Derma Science Gentle Collagen Toner contains marine collagen, Aloe Vera, sodium hyaluronate and allantoin to nourish and protect the skin from external irritants. It balances the pH level of the skin and aids in slowing down signs of ageing.

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The Derma Science C+ Multi Serum is nothing short of magic with its anti-ageing properties and almost instant whitening effect. It helps to diminish wrinkles and fine lines, effectively tackling signs of ageing. This product delivers long term effectiveness as it not only whitens the skin but also enhances antioxidant activity in the skin. Use Derma Science’s anti-ageing range for speedy results that are made to last!

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