Discovering Busan Beyond The Movies

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Busan in South Korea

“Train to Busan” is the movie that put the spotlight on Busan as another must-visit tourist attraction in South Korea. Besides the movie, The Busan International Film Festival – a start-studded event that film lovers look forward to annually, also helped to put Busan on the map and made it a popular destination. The Busan International Film Festival started off as the first international film festival in Korea and has made its way to become one of the key film festivals in Asia receiving a substantial worldwide audience every year.

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Tourists in Busan cannot leave without a trip to the Busan Gamcheon Cultural Village – a place with picturesque views and photo-worthy spots. Known for its colourful houses built in a staircase manner, this village is an artwork on its own from afar and close up as each alley is decorated with the residents’ artwork. You can also bring home souvenirs from various art shops and fill your belly with authentic Korean food from the restaurants nearby. Indeed, Busan is a place brimming with history and unique experiences, a place one should include in their South Korea travel itinerary.

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K Beauty and skincare from Busan

On top of being the place where South Korea’s vibrant film scene was birthed, Busan is also the place where beauty brands were discovered. Soosul – a skincare brand surrounding the use of SangHwang Mushroom as the key component in their products, was founded in Busan. The SangHwang Mushroom is an ingredient raved about for its remarkable anti-aging properties and its rich source of antioxidants. This ingredient is also associated with other properties such as clearing free radicals from the body and cancer prevention.

Surely, if you are looking for anti-ageing skincare to rewind signs of ageing, Soosul is the one for you. The most well-known product from this brand would be the Soosul Whitening Sleeping Pack. Awarded Women’s Weekly Best Beauty Buy in 2015, this product works its magic during your beauty sleep. It is an intensive whitening mask that supports melanin formation to prevent hyperpigmentation. The powerful ingredients also help to nourish and hydrate your skin for an effortless glow the next morning.

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