Boryeong Mud Festival

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In light of the Boryeong Mud Festival happening in Korea every July, we will be bringing you the insights to this highly raved about event!

Started in 1999 in Boryeong City, South Korea, this event was first established to promote the cosmetics products produced using the region’s mud. 20 years later, this event is a widely popular event with not only locals, but also hundreds of thousand foreigners fly into this small city to partake in the fun.

This event takes place the last 2 weeks of July, with activities that fill the whole of Daecheon Beach. During these two weeks, there are many activities to participate in, including mud slides, bouncy castles, mud wrestling and many more! Music is also a big part of the festival, with celebrities such as IU and PSY have graced the festival with their special performances. This festival takes place from morning to night, an entire day filled with different activities. At night, the festival turns into a hip hop clubbing scene for those night owls, or for those who do not appreciate the hot summer sun. One thing you cannot do there is to leave without being soaked in the goodness of the Boryeong Mud.

 So, what is so great about the Boryeong mud that entices so many beauty products to be released using the mud as one of the key ingredients? Firstly, the mud contains high levels of minerals, namely germanium and bentonite. Secondly, it helps to improve blood circulation, thus detoxifying our bodies as well as regulate our PH levels of our skin. The range of beauty products produced with the region’s mud is extensive. From masks to cleansers, to toners to body cream, the list is almost endless.

 Are you intrigued by the Boryeong mud festival now? Although it may be too late to fly to South Korea for the festival now, you can still enjoy the benefits of the mud through the products that Hebeloft offers!



Boryeong Real Mud Powder is a natural Korean mud powder rich in minerals and provides a calming effect that helps prevent hemotelangiosis. This mud powder also helps to minimize and shrink pores, nourish and moisturize dry skin, leaving a beautiful soft baby-like skin.


The range also includes anti-wrinkle care hand cream and a deep cleansing foam!

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