Ash Hair Colours

What is Ash Hair Colour?

Ash hair colours are cool-toned, with an undertone of grey, blue and a hint of green and violet that create a hair shade that looks matte, smokey, sleek and soft.

Ash tones can eliminate warm tones such as orange, yellowish or reddish tones that arise in colour treated hair. These unwanted warm tones that appear on the hair are referred to as brassy hair. Brassy hair occurs typically when dark hair undergoes a hair colouring process to transform to platinum or blonde.


How so?

The melanin, eumelanin – brown and black, in dark coloured hair is diluted through oxidation when the hair is bleached. However, when it is not totally rid of as the hair is not breached enough, you will end up with unflattering brassy hair.


Why Ash Hair Colour?

Ash hair colours can give hair tons of dimension and depth, making it look fuller. (Makes you look cooler and trendier as well!)


Can I have Ash Coloured Hair?

Cool ash tones are suitable for almost all complexions - For cool and pale complexions, cool ash tones can soften and brighten your look; For warmer or olive complexions, cool ash tones can highlight your facial features.

Besides silver ash-grey or platinum hair colour that we often refer to when we hear of ash-coloured hair, there are in fact many different types of ash hair colours. There’s smokey ash grey, lavender ash grey, dark ash brown, milk tea ash brown, ash balayage, ash-blonde etc. There is a variety of ash-coloured hair choices that you can choose according to your complexion or your liking.


Ash Coloured Hair in South Korea

According to allure, ash-coloured hair is very popular among South Koreans and is one of their preferred choices of hair colour. Due to the presence of red tones found naturally in their hair, many of them want to get rid of the redness and their solution to that is to dye ash-coloured hair to cancel out the underlying red hues.

Moreover, South Koreans tend to have red and yellow undertones complexion and ash hair can brighten and flatter their face. As pale complexion is desired in South Korea, ash-coloured hair is very popular among Koreans. 


K-pop idols are very influential especially with their hair colours as this is one aspect where people can easily change to bring themselves closer to their idols. Ash-coloured hair is often pulled off by Korean idols.

Take a look at various popular idols with different ash-coloured hair below!

Ash Brown


Ash Lavender


Ash Blue


Ash Pink

Look at all these popular idols - BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO, Taeyeon, Seventeen, Red Velvet, ITZY, IU etc with various shades of ash coloured hair. You can easily achieve such cool and trendy hair colours with eZn's pudding hair dye!
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Also, have a look at some of the Season 2 pudding ash hair colours!
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