A Deep Dive into Skin Brightening: Serums

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Ever since WFH became the norm, our skincare routines have taken a backseat to an orchestra of family members, low moods, and a work-life balance teetering precariously on what remains of our sanity. We’re more prone to stress, which shows up on our face in the form of angry, inflamed pimples and hyperpigmented, textured skin.

It may seem that despite our best efforts, our skin will never clear up again – but the brightness of our skin really does depend only on a few key factors:

  1. Skin brightening products
  2. Stress & lifestyle factors (i.e. exercise, sleep, diet)

Today, we will talk about the former, specifically the serums you can use to target the main culprits of dull skin.

Brightening Serums & Treatments We Swear By

Bergamo Snail Whitening Ampoule 

Key ingredient: Snail Mucus Extract – it’s good for reversing wrinkles and past skin damage

Recommended for: Aging skin, or skin damaged by exposure to sun

Soosul Whitening Emulsion

Key ingredient: Sanghwang mushroom extract – lightens blemished skin and prevents further scarring

Recommended for: Hyperpigmented skin

Bayeco Green Tea Multi-Action Serum

Key ingredients: Green Tea and Kakadu Plum – they moisturise the skin intensely to diminish fine lines

Recommended for: Dry, dehydrated skin

More Tips:

  • Use treatments after you wash your skin with a cleanser, so that your skin will be better able to absorb the active ingredients in them.
  • Remember that consistency is key – you may have to wait from a week to a month to see results.
  • Consider taking a before picture and subsequent progress pictures of your skin in order to document your journey.

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