10 Step Korean Skincare

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The 10-step Korean Skincare is not just a marketing tactic for Korean beauty products, there is actually a reason for the seemingly egregious number of steps taken. In this post we explore the products and purpose of each step, as well as recommend you some products to use to complete this skincare routine!


First step to almost every skincare routine is cleansing. Double cleansing is a widely known term alongside the 10-step Korean skincare. Double cleansing is not just a marketing stunt to make you buy more products though. The purpose of double cleansing is due to the different levels of effectiveness of different types of cleansers. While oil cleanser can get rid of SPF, sebum and pollutant, it doesn’t work as well when it comes to sweat and dirt, which is why a foam or cream cleanser is needed.

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TOV Camellia Cleansing Balm ($38)                Skylake Natural Foam Cleanser ($25)


Toner, the next step is commercially known as a second make-up remover. In Korean terms, the toner is meant to regulate and balance the PH levels of your skin, setting the TONE for the other products to come rest upon your face. This step is also the first moisturizing step of the routine!

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   Skylake Herb Relax Toner ($30)


The next step is for moisture as well. Essence is essentially a thinner texturized second layer of moisturizer after toner. The aim here is to moisturize your face without clogging your pores with thick and chunky cream.


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Bergamo 24K Gold Brilliant Essence ($65)


As if two layers of moisture is not enough, the next step encompasses of another layer of moisturizer by the form of an emulsion. An emulsion is slightly thicker than an essence, hence it will make oily skin feel a little greasier than usual, but for people with dry skin, this step is ideal. Just like how we need water to hydrate ourselves, our skin needs it to! So, try not to skip this step as much as it may seem both a waste of time and money.

What Hebeloft Offers:


Pretty Skin Aloe Vera Moisture Emulsion ($38)


One step that enable the 10-step skincare routine to be malleable is the next one, which is serums and ampoules. These terms that are interchangeable are essentially very concentrated products, niche in their purpose for your skin. The purpose of this step is to choose serums and ampoules that give you an intense hydration session to your face, as well as packing in a whole lot of benefits that it supposedly supposed to give you the glowy, dewy look that many Koreans adore. If you think that there is too much going for you already, you can skip this step, but that’s because you can’t really run away from it! You will know why in the following step.  

What Hebeloft Offers:



LUMINIS All-in-one Serum ($38)                    Bergamo Gold Ampoule ($35)


Next step is a sheet mask. If you are already tired from standing in your bathroom for too long doing the previous steps. This is time for you to catch a short half-time break. Sheet masks are usually soaked in serum, or properties of serum/ampoules. Most sheet mask would require for it to be rested on your face for 15-20mins.

What Hebeloft Offers:

Pretty Skin Total Solution Essential Sheet Mask (Snail) ($3.90)


The next step will be one with the heftier price tag. Eye cream is not only just usually heftier in price tag, it is because the effect is not as visible when your skin is younger. Eye cream is usually to prevent wrinkles under and around your eyes. If you do this step religiously, it would significantly prevent aging wrinkles in the long run!

What Hebeloft Offers:


     Soosul Eye Cream ($80)


We are nearly reaching the end! The eighth step to this routine is considerably one of the final moisturizing steps! Putting on a moisturizer would seal the rest of the previous products that were packed on your face. For people with dry skin especially, more moisture is always good isn’t it?

What Hebeloft Offers:

     Soosul Silver Moisturizer ($55)


The last two steps are different for both the morning and night! Sunscreen is always important especially in the day to prevent the harmful UV rays from entering our skin. For the night, a sleeping mask is made popular in Korea but now it is almost essential in a skincare routine to allow major repairing to go on throughout the night!

 What Hebeloft Offers:



     LUMINIS Sunscreen ($28)                 Soosul Whitening Sleeping Pack ($168)

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